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  • Homebuilt Wind Generator Power  v.1.0As fossil fuel prices keep sky rocketing, so do the costs of the services of industries that rely on burning coal and oil. Most people nowadays are looking for ways to lessen or even completely eliminate their electric bills. The use of windmill ...
  • #7Z  v.0.7.2#7Z is a 7-Zip GUI for Windows, which attempts to simplify data compression and backup.Use #7Z if you want to:* Update existing archives quickly* Backup folders to a storage location* Create or extract protected archives* Lessen effort by using ...
  • Initiation Templates  v.1.00During the Initiation phase of a project, many of the details are not yet known. This however does not lessen the need to present a thought out Initiation document that will be used by management, and as a baseline for the project itself. In fact, ...
  • NoCrash  v.1.0Auto2 (Automatic Automobile) Accident Avoidance is a software system designed to lessen the severity or completely stop accidents. This project includes a WPF simulation around the NoCrash software ...
  • Convert quality  v.1.0This script lessen the cuality of photos to do size lesser. Script can put file of photo to directory whose name is file's date. This script is very useful for people who have huge collection of photos.
  • Stingray Web Framework  v.1.0Stingray provides a robust Object Oriented Programing framework for Javascript. Stingray's classes lessen development time for graphic/multi-media designers and web developers and focus on new projects, rather than re-invent the wheel.
  • CurveEQ  v.3.0CurveEQ is a spline equalizer for professional music and audio production applications.
  • J7Z for Windows  v.1.2.0-17Z is an alternative 7-Zip GUI.
  • Media Framework  v.1.0A multimedia framework written in C# that wraps most of the DirectShow API and includes several useful Windows Forms controls.
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